Residency 2017 | call for proposals

state is pleased to announce our summer residency program. We are currently accepting visual arts project applications from Bay Area residents who would like a summer place for creation and exhibition.


May 18 - June 10 |  Accepting proposals

June 10 - June 15 | Selection process (might include studio visits)

June 15 - July 31 | Our gallery space is yours to think and create in

August 1 - 30 | Your exhibition will be on view to the public.

How to Apply

Email with the subject line “Summer Home Proposal”

Include a description of what your project might look like, images of recent work, your CV, bio and website.

Include a description of your working studio and infrastructure needs

Exhibition Space Details

Main gallery and back gallery space - see layout


Curatorial Collaboration

Over the course of your residency we will work together to create the exhibition concept for your work. This can be as hands on (or off!) as you prefer. We will produce all exhibition materials, etc. 


During residency and exhibition, the artist will have access to the gallery 24 hours, 7 days a week to work on project.

The flexibility in access allows artists who would like to include public engagement programming as part of their project.


The residency is for studio and exhibition use only.  It does not include boarding or accommodations.

Public engagement activities and sound installations (if applicable) will need to adhere to the neighborhood “quiet” hours.  Gatherings and noise is restricted after 9pm.


Email Kimberly and Danielle at